Avionics Overhaul, Repair & Installs

STS Mod Center provides avionics and instrument overhaul and repair services for general civil aviation and major commercial and military aircraft. Equipment types include a wide range of radios, flight control systems, communications and entertainment systems. Services include removal of redundant avionic systems, installation of...

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Testing Personal Electronic Devices

STS Mod Center maintains a team of specialist engineers to perform T-PED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Device) testing on all types of wide and narrow body aircraft globally. As of June 2015, we have conducted TPED testing across 16 countries for 24 different airlines, with demonstrated...

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h-sheet metal

Sheet Metal & Structural Repairs

Our aircraft structural repair technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in repair and overhaul capabilities for airframe structures and components. We can repair, overhaul, and or modify customer’s airframe assemblies to factory specifications efficiently, and with complete accuracy. We provide 24/7 structural repair support both in...

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engine repair

Aircraft engine ground running

STS Mod Center maintains a team of qualified and experienced A&P technicians with demonstrated capability to undertake operational functionally checking of engines and/or aircraft systems on the ground. Our teams can conduct engine ground runs to ensure the safe, full or partially correct operation of an...

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World-Wide Troubleshooting

STS Mod Center provides on-call technical capability to most regions across the globe via our field service teams. Our company maintains a database of qualified technicians across the three main trade groups of avionics, engines and structures, providing many years of practical experience with fault...

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service 3

ARINC 429 Support

Our avionics technicians are experienced with testing and troubleshooting avionics systems using the ARINC 429 Specification. This specification establishes how avionics equipment and systems communicate on commercial aircraft and defines electrical characteristics, word structures and protocol necessary to establish bus communication. We can undertake in-depth analysis...

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s-complex rectification activities

Aircraft Systems Fault Diagnostics

Our avionics technicians possess in depth knowledge of fault finding on a wide variety of systems from simple lighting, to complex weapons and essential, multifunctional systems. Additional innovations in aircraft sensing, cockpit displays, inter/intra aircraft wireless communications, and passenger management and entertainment systems are adding...

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service 1

Design & Engineering

STS Mod Center works closely with our business partners to develop turn-key solutions for Connectivity and IFE systems. Our Design and Engineering teams develop all required documentation for Supplemental Type Certificates and can provide parts supply, installation, testing and training services tailored to customer needs. Design...

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service 2

Inflight Connectivity & IFE install

STS Mod Center offers flexible, mobile, and rapid connectivity and IFE installations significantly faster than other MROs. We can carry out installations at your facility giving you direct oversight of our capability or alternatively installations can be completed at one of our hangar facilities around...

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fiberoptic splices

Fiber Optic Installations

Our avionics technicians are certified to ARINC standards for the installation and testing of fiber optic cables and systems. We have experience with installations, splicing, end to end testing, system maintenance and troubleshooting of fiber optic cables and systems. Fiber Optics Capability: • Manufacture of fiber optic...

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