Testing Personal Electronic Devices

STS Mod Center maintains a team of specialist engineers to perform T-PED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Device) testing on all types of wide and narrow body aircraft globally. As of June 2015, we have conducted TPED testing across 16 countries for 24 different airlines, with demonstrated experience including Boeing 737, 747-400, 757-200/300, 767-400, 777-200, Airbus A319/320 and A330-200/300, A340 aircraft.

This safety critical testing allows for the certification of the aircraft in order to permit installations of GSM and WI-FI solutions. It also maintains the on-going task of flight safety assessment for passengers and airlines by ensuring mobile electronic devices are safe for use in-flight.

We use multiple analytic and test techniques to substantiate compatibility, with cost-effective certification management. Our services accelerate the time-to-market deployment of wireless passenger systems and ensure the continued airworthiness of PED compatibility.