Sheet Metal & Structural Repairs

Our aircraft structural repair technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in repair and overhaul capabilities for airframe structures and components. We can repair, overhaul, and or modify customer’s airframe assemblies to factory specifications efficiently, and with complete accuracy.

We provide 24/7 structural repair support both in the field and within a workshop facility. Through close consultation with the constructors and vendors, any structural repair can be undertaken from start to finish, ensuring optimized repair plans that fulfil the customers’ requirements and still retain lean competitive fixed costs. Our airframe work, ranges from minor repairs to major alterations. Regardless of your airframe problem we have the capability to fix it.

Structural Repair Capability:
• Flying Controls (Ailerons, Elevators, Rudders, Flaps),
• Doors (Cargo, Passenger, Undercarriage, Engine Cowlings),
• Leading Edges,
• Longerons,
• Fuselage,
• Exhausts,
• Fairings,
• Machine Shop (Bush fabrication, Bearing swaging, Seat rail repair),
• Welding (Inconel, Stainless steel, Mild steel, Titanium, Aluminum),