ARINC 429 Support

Our avionics technicians are experienced with testing and troubleshooting avionics systems using the ARINC 429 Specification. This specification establishes how avionics equipment and systems communicate on commercial aircraft and defines electrical characteristics, word structures and protocol necessary to establish bus communication.

We can undertake in-depth analysis using graphical software programs to easily monitor, record, replay, analyze, and simulate avionics bus data. Our capability includes interacting directly with data on multiple buses using interface hardware or working with previously recorded data. Program features include powerful tools for development, testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of avionics equipment and systems.

• Four, Eight, 16, or 32 fully Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels
• Programmable High/Low Speed Operation
• All Tx/Rx Channels operate concurrently
• Full Error Injection & Detection
• Cyclic (Rate-Oriented) & Acyclic Label Transmission
• Label Selective Trigger for Capture/Filtering
• Real-Time Recording and Post Analysis of Multiple Channels