Aeromod International LLC

Aircraft Structural Modification and Repair Services

Aeromod International LLC is an industry leader in avionics and structural modification and repair services. Our company maintains a wide range of experienced personnel globally that provide us the expertise to consistently deliver services faster and more cost effective than our competitors. AeroMod International provides the flexibility of utilizing one of our maintenance facilities or deploying one or several of our Rapid Response Teams to your location.

Our company strives to deliver results that amaze our customers and we achieve this through a dedication to customer excellence and flexibility in everything we do. AeroMod is committed to ensuring safety is the foremost goal of our organization and to maintain an industry high standard in the delivery of high quality modification and repair services. This goal is achieved through adherence to standard company practices and compliance with our customer and regulatory requirements. Working closely with Installation Design Engineering companies, modifications are designed with a practical approach ensuring quality, safety and reliability.

Our teams include technical assessors, life support equipment technicians, avionics and sheet metal technicians, quality assurance assessors, project consultants and maintenance planners. Services we provide include external equipment mounting, winglet installations, system integration, rack & consoles, cabling, cabinet and seating change installations. Sheet metal capability ranging from minor repairs to major skin replacement.

Aircraft maintenance and repair services

Fiber optic Installations

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Aircraft Connectivity Packages

The global air travel industry is undergoing a major surge in mobile connectivity and IFE services. This new technology is providing today’s busy travelers with the convenience of laptop, tablet and smartphone access inflight plus enabling access to the latest movies, TV shows and music.

AeroMod International has many years of experience installing inflight internet connectivity packages including Air To Ground (ATG) and Ku Band Satellite solutions, installing over 500 systems to date for multiple commercial airlines.

We own the install time record for Ku and ATG-4 Installations and continuously seek to refine our operations to ensure we remain at the forefront with installing Wi-Fi connectivity solutions.

Ku Wifi Install Video

This video is of a time-lapse view of a Ku wifi installation demonstrating successful completion in less than 3 1/2 days. These results have been achieved on aircraft types: Boeing 747-400, 767–400 and Airbus A330-200, A330-300.

AeroMod International aims to provide the finest aviation maintenance services, the highest safety standards, world-class service and integrity in all operations to deliver a service that captures the confidence and loyalty of customers today and into the future.